Importance of Yearly Exams

Do you take your family pets in for a yearly exam? If not, that is something you should do. We recommend that each of your pets, even if they seem healthy, is examined at least once a year. If your pet is over six years old, it should be twice a year. Why is this? Because, even when an animal is suffering from an injury or illness, they try to hide their pain instinctively. In the wild, this helps to protect a sick or injured animal from being attacked. This instinct keeps us humans from seeing when there are medical conditions that we need to address as well. It is always better to be proactive with these sorts of things. Especially if your pet is showing signs of sickness, like vomiting, or uncontrolled bowel movements. I’ve had those issues before and have hired professional carpet cleaners in Mobile, Alabama.

The typical annual exam will check your pet’s respiration, heart rate, skin, mouth, eyes, and ears. The veterinarian will look for any changes that may be subtle in your pet that can otherwise be easy to miss. Many times, these changes can be a sign of something more serious.

Taking your pet in for a yearly exam also lets you catch problems early and take preventative measures for their health. When a problem is found and diagnosed early, there are usually more options for treatment available. Because of this, we also recommend that you get blood work done on your pet, especially on pets that are older.

During the exam, your pet’s teeth are an important facet. Having a regular exam of the teeth can prevent oral problems that are more serious, like periodontal disease. When your pet has mouth and tooth pain, it can be very distressing to them. Finding the problems early will help to keep your pet from having to experience the suffering of dental disease.

Finally, having a yearly exam for your pet is a great time for the veterinarian to educate you on the newest developments in veterinary medicine. They are always eager to share information with clients about the newest products and methods used to take care of pets. Regardless of the reason, taking your pet in for a yearly exam is a great choice to keep them healthy.


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