Helping Your Cat Consistently Use the Litter Box

If you have ever had an inside cat, you know that, on occasion, it can be difficult to train them to use the litter box every time they use the bathroom. My own cat would use the litter box most of the time, but then I would occasionally find a pile of poop behind a shelf or somewhere else hidden. I began searching for ways to ensure he would always use the litter box. After my research and trying out several things to help, I came up with these five ways to prevent my cat from using the bathroom outside of their litter box.

  1. Keep the litter box clean for the cat. You should scoop it out ever day and then regularly disinfect it to keep the hygiene good for the cat. This will encourage them to use the litter box regularly and will help protect them from disease and infection.
  2. Place the litter box in a good location. It should be placed in an area where the cat is comfortable and where they can easily move around. Always keep it away from any food, though.
  3. Each cat you have should have their own litter box. This gives them their own territory and they will be less likely to stop using the box because of any smells they find undesirable.
  4. Find the litter that your cat prefers. They are not all created equal. Some are made of newspaper clippings, corn, wheat, clay, and many other materials. Research shows that the majority of cats prefer clumping litters that are unscented, so remember that when choosing.
  5. Give your cat a way to exit the box if there is another animal present. Since cats don’t always get along, you will want your cat to be able to get away quickly and comfortably if there is a sneak attack. They will not want to be trapped in a corner when using their litter box.

Hopefully these tips will help you get your cat using their litter box every time. It sure helped me with my cat!

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