Taking the Bite Out of Fleas

We know you have a little bit of time before flea season, but you can never be too prepared for fleas. With the Spring coming in another couple of months, with it comes warmer weather, sunshine, and lots of opportunities to be outside. Unfortunately, the warmer weather is also what attracts fleas, a problem that pet owners deal with all throughout Spring and Summer months. There are many ways that pet owners deal with fleas and ticks all throughout the year. Your veterinarian can help you discover what will work the best for your family pets. Some of the options include pills, ointments, powders, collars, and sprays.

Before you decide what to use for fleas and ticks on your pets, consult with your veterinarian. Not all products are created equal so what works on one of your pets may not be best for another. Also, be weary of remedies you find in your local grocery store. These usually contain chemicals that are dangerous for your pet. Do a lot of research and talk with a professional before you decide what to go with on your own.

Fleas are not only an irritant to your pet, but many pets have an allergic reaction to the flea bite itself. When they have a large infestation, they are prone to skin rashes and intense itching. Fleas bites can also transmit diseases, so it is imperative to keep fleas under control.

Like with most other things, there are alternatives that are more natural that you may choose for your pet. Your veterinarian can help you to choose which of those may work for you and your family. One of the alternatives is using diatomaceous earth. Simply sprinkle this on your pet and the areas they sleep to rid your pet and home from fleas. There are several other options available, as well, for those not wanting to use chemicals on their pets.


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